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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Born In Winter

House of Blues Las Vegas. 


Friday, April 22, 2011

T.JC.H.S. (1987 - 2007)


So... damn lil brother.  you know in my mind i was envious of your death.  but i see that it was not your time. i really do miss you. 

i do.  i love you.   

mom.  i never really knew you but... here i am.  i have always said bad things about you,... but... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  MY VOICE WILL NEVER HIT YOUR EARS...i barely remember your voi ce.  I WANT MY VOICE TO HIT YOUR CPOOUNSIOUSCE LIKE A BAG OF BRICKS!!!!


4 years...

Dam lil brother... I miss you. WE miss you.

Shay talks about you alot despite you only being in her life for such a short time.
Thats the impression you made on her. 
It still aches my heart when i think of the way you left us.

There was so much left undone between us.
So many things left to do, to say, to laugh at...



Friday, March 25, 2011

Window Rock High School Thunderdome II


(Commence toe curling)

Im sleepy now...

Im a man... I like a lil nap after climax. 

You might ask why the orgasmic mood...?

well, WE are finally getting our long... long... LONG awaited new gym. A 6500 seater!!!

Years ago, Chinle HS got their 6000 seater along with Ganado HS's 5500 seater. We have been playing and attending home basketball games in the WR Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse, a 30+ year old, honor filled, gym.  I never personally had a problem with playing and attending games there.  The Fieldhouse is and will always be an object of affection to me. Its storied past will always be there. Although, a few years ago, for some crazy reason, they cleared out the nearly full trophy case that ran almost halfway across the concourse, which is pretty much half of the Fieldhouse. I wish they had at least left some stuff in there.

ill always remember how loud it used to get in the Fieldhouse, hence the name... THUNDERDOME.

Exit Thunderdome

Enter Thunderdome II



Thursday, September 02, 2010

Eparistera Daimones: To My Left, The Demons...

my daughter's birthday is coming up the end of this month. she has a list of things she wants but I'm not entirely sure what to get for her. her mom and I have been talking and being a bit more civil to one another (not that we weren't). but we have been talking and communicating more in the past several weeks, from doing family activities to having dinner together.

Its hard to focus really on a whole lot when you see a once loving relationship deteriorate and is on the brink of divorce. But for the most part, we are trying I think. For me, I'd love to have things back the way they used to be.... even if the way they used to be is what got us to this point. But I think I see a future with better communication because of the things we have said to one another. things said in anger, things said in sadness, things not normally said openly as to prevent hurt feelings or arguments.

but then again, everything could just come crashing down just as quickly as these feelings of hope reappeared. in one fell swoop I could lose my home, my family, my daughter. I know I'll be there for her regardless of time, distance and emotions. it's the thought of missing out on the daily interaction, the little things that matter. I told my wife if we decide to do this, I'll be the one leaving because I don't want her out on the street without a home. I'll gladly sleep on the streets or on rooftops again as long as I know she is ok and has shelter.

I never wanted us to get to this point. it just sort of happened. I and probably her were blinded by things. I can only speak for myself in this. I felt some thing's were more important than other things. I'm sure those things are important but... I have since come to realize... nothing is more important than family.

so with that said, in the coming few weeks I'll be trying my hardest to rectify the wrongs I, WE, US, have made. if things don't work out, I know I will have tried and life will just have to go on. for better or worse.

so a few days ago, we spoke about our daughter's upcoming birthday party. We set a facility aside and made reservations for it, sent out invitations, picked a theme, got quotes for the cake(s) and conversed and chose what gift would be most beneficial for our 8 year old to be. (we decided to pitch in for this high priced purchase.)

it looks like things will be ok for a while... but the topics that divorce dredge up such as living arrangements, custody and bills still loom for now. despite the progress "I" feel we're making, I was asked that particular set of questions in a txt just yesterday, but the one difference to that txt was that the question began with "IF we decide on a divorce..." instead of "how are things going to happen..."

so the slight inflection and hint of doubt to the "inevitability" of our divorce brings a sense of happiness to me. I cry tears of both happiness and uncertainty at this moment... hoping things will last or maybe things have gotten too out of hand. who knows.

For those I love I profess to hurt. For those who love me profess to hurt me.
A monument to inability, to inadequacy and to failure. everything once believed in reversed in its implication.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Top 6 Songs of My Life

Man its been a while since i posted anything here...

I have some topics to write about but i dont have enough creativity to follow thru, at least not at the moment.

I listen to all sorts of music, i dont really follow a certain genre or favor one over the other, so my CD/MP3 collection is quite eclectic in taste.

From as far back as i can remember i liked the late 70's, early 80's soft rock, the radio friendly stuff. Especially the Love-Gone-Wrong/Hurtin' Tunes that came out of that era from the likes of Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Kansas, Chicago, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Nazareth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ToTo, Yes, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller and many, many others.

During the summers i would herd sheep for my grandma and on weekends we would take daylong trips to Gallup or Farmington where we would come home until around midnight or so.

On these trips to Farmington, i would get a treat. I dont know if i ever told anyone else at the time why i liked going to Farmington but i liked going because there used to be a radio station from Cortez called 98 KISZ.

On our drive home leaving Shiprock in the late evenings, i would sit next to my aunt who was driving and while everyone else was happily snoozing, she would turn the station dial to 98 KISZ and turn the volume up a little more than usual.

6 - Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon
5 - Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
4 - Dust In the Wind - Kansas
3 - The Logical Song - Supertramp
2 - Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
1 - Synchronicity II - The Police

As i got older i began to like different music, but mainly because the format changed at KISZ, hehe, but im serious it was basically becuz the formats changed.

In midschool, we moved to Crownpoint and i spent about 2 years in their school system. During this time my father became the hardline disciplinarian, with his strict rules of no rock music, no black clothing and no athletic shoes... thereby effectively barring me from having many friends.

I found myself involuntarily sportin grey Tony Llama roping boots, creased wranglers, listening to Earl Thomas Connely religiously, spitting Skoal and feeding my horses and cows. This was also the time i began riding bulls on the high school rodeo circuit. (more on that another time)

Alot of the music i was exposed to was of the country music variety, the likes of George Strait, ETC, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings, Gary Morris, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and many others.

This was also the time i found a compilation TAPE (yes a real tape, i have actually held a cassette tape!) inside K-Mart in Albs. Something about Heavy Metal Headliners or something like that. It had songs from varying old school metal bands that were in circulation at the time and my interest was piqued. Since 'rock' music had been banned in Dalton Pass by my father. In hardrock version of the movie Footloose, I began to rebel to the soundtrack of Metallica , Judas Priest, Y&T, Krokus, Accept, Autograph, Ratt and others. This was dependent upon how much money i could get outta my dad and if i could sneak that tape into the house without being caught.


At around the same time, I also found that i could pick up 98 KISZ in Crownpoint when i fashioned a makeshift radio antenna extender out of a wire hanger, some loose wires and duct tape. So after many, many adjustments and fine tunings, i could pick up some Glen Fry, The Dream Academy, Star Ship, Duran Duran, Motley Crue, OMD, Aha and whatever garbage.

This was long before the recordable CD craze, back then it was the cassette tape. I would hound my dad for blank tapes, which he would deny, so i would end up 'borrowing' tapes from his collection and record over them, which i would have to hide due to the constant inspections of my room. So using only the blank tapes, i would record songs off the radio, trying to get the right moment to start the song, to omit the popping from the reception and whatnot.

So this went on for about 2 years. But during that time i amassed quite a collection of songs on the few cassette tapes i had. haha. The list below would probably be something you might hear if you had one of those tapes. (plus a good list of others here.)

6 - One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head
5 - Every Time You Go Away - Paul Young
4 - The Boys of Summer - Don Henley
3 - Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
2 - Im on Fire - Bruce Springsteen
1 - Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

6 - Balls to the Wall - Accept
5 - Love Bites/The Sentinel - Judas Priest
4 - To Tame a Land - Iron Maiden
3 - Slayer - Dead Skin Mask
2 - Master of Puppets album - Metallica
1 - Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden

So i spent about 2 years there in buttfuck Crownpoint, south of Hell and just north of nowhere. The following year i re-enrolled back in the Window Rock Unified School District No. 8. I was happy, i had left WR at the height of the breakdance and parachute pants craze and returned after its much welcome demise.

I do admit, i did have several pairs of parachute pants to my name, a black one with a million zippers and a cheap red fleamarket imitation, i also had a gazillion strands of fat shoelaces. hehe

So high school brought new friends, new clothes and new music and a intro to skateboarding and freestyling. Some of my friends were into rap, the old school kind like Run DMC, Public Enemy. While others liked the new brand of pop music like the dude that sings "the future's so bright, i gotta wear shades..."

I found myself liking U2, INXS, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, The Cure, Information Society, and others. So its only natural i list my top 6 below plus another top 6.

6 - The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
5 - Janes Addiction - Mountain Song
4 - Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
3 - The Cure - entire Mixed Up album
2 - Bauhaus - Hair of the Dog
1 - The Ramones - Bye Bye Baby

6 - Sweatin Bullets - Megadeth
5 - Estranged - Guns & Roses
4 - 18 and Life - Skid Row
3 - Metallica - Frayed Ends of Sanity
2 - The Tribute album - Ozzy
1 - Death Angel - The Ultraviolence

Man was that hard. I had to sit here for a long while and think about what i liked.

The newer stuff is easy, there is no Metallica involved so if youre a new metallica fan, you neednt worry yourself with that new trash.

From graduation to present is fairly easy, but there are so many choices.
As you might have noticed, if you had been reading my trist thru musical memorylane, i have started listening to less 'pussy' crap and alot more quality, anti-adult contemporary stuff.

Actually i started listening to some rap for a while there, so ill include that list first.

6 - Notorious Thugs - Bone Thug & Harmony
5 - Regulate - Warren G
4 - Cypress Hill - Prelude To A Come Up
3 - Bow Down - Westside Connection
2 - Secret Plan - D.O.C
1 - Against All Odds - Makaveli

6 - L Dopa - Big Black
5 - Last Breath - Hatebreed
4 - Love Dump - Static X
3 - Deformography - Marilyn Manson
2 - I - Meshuggah
1 - Remorse is for the Dead/Vigil - Lamb of God

6 - Pipeline/Kill Time - Sonic Youth
5 - 'Only Theatre of Pain' album - Christian Death
4 - Epignosis - Chatterbox

3 - Settle For Nothing - Rage Against the Machine
2 - Heresy - Nine Inch Nails
1 - Third Eye - Tool

I actually had a hard time with this list, being that there was only 6 spots, i left alot of good stuff out. So i guess i kind changed the rules there a little bit.

this post might be a little hard to follow since i just threw it together, but most of the info is there, learn it, live it, love it, hehehe

i pass this on to Curley, see what he can do with this, i wash my hands of embarrassment.

Go Scouts!... "only if coach had put me in during the 4th quarter.... we coulda been state champions!"

Monday, May 09, 2005

CellOne.... Racists?

Ill let you check this out for yourselves, make up your own minds.

If you go to this website:

You will come upon a website for a Cellular One program called Vision One, which, for the most part, is geared towards native americans.


It looks like any other website at first look, but under closer scrutiny, one might be able to see a somewhat disturbing photo on the top left corner of the website.

View First Image

In the very first photo of this 3 photo series, one might notice an image of a person lying on a grassy area with no shoes. Does this look familiar? Is this a picture of a drunkard? Does it bear resemblance to anything you have seen before if you are from around the navajo reservation or any reservation for that matter? If so, what does and image of a drunkard lying in a park or grassy field have to do with cell phones?

I wonder if this is poking fun at native americans or just drunkards or is this both? What is "This is the Vision." supposed to mean?

I am going to contact Cellular One and ask them for a detailed picture of the image. If they cant produce one, i suppose the federal government will have to be contacted in some way since the Vision One program is a federally funded program. They might have a thing or two to say about a violation of racial discrimination and or Civil Rights. I suggest you do the same and try to contact Cellular One regarding the image at
http://www.cellularone.com/ContactUs.asp online or call toll-free 1-866-278-4802

What do you think?

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